Pacific Northwest Rugby Football Union (PNRFU)

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest


Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Rugby Football Union (PNRFU). PNRFU is the governing body for senior rugby teams in the Pacific Northwest, our geographical area consists of Washington, Oregon and Idaho. We are a member of USA Rugby our national governing body. We currently field the following divisions:


  • Senior Men Division I
  • Senior Men Division II
  • Senior Men Division III
  • Senior Women Division I
  • Senior Women Division II

If you have a question, new help finding a club. Or if you have a photo or story you'd like us to post on the web site. Please contact us here.


WORLD RUGBY LEVEL 1 REFEREE COURSE 0900 – 1700 SUNDAY  SEPT 24TH.                                                                WSU TRICITIES, 2710, Crimson Way Richland, WA 99354.  West Bldg Room 244.

Contact:- Peter Buckley  (206) 66i 8356

The Pacific Northwest Rugby Referees Society (PNRRS) will be holding a World Rugby Level 1 Referee course at the above location and date, taught by World Rugby Educators Peter Buckley and John Clavin.  This course is the “entry level” referee course for ruggers with little or no referee experience.  The completion of the course leads to certification as a Level 1 Certified Referee by World Rugby.  Being World Rugby Level 1 Certified Referee is a requirement for PNRRS membership  and being assigned as a referee by PNRRS.

The course is an attempt to alleviate the shortage of rugby referees in Eastern Washington and is ruggers of both genders and all ages (youth, collegiate and club) in that area. On the Saturday after the course, Sept 30th, there is an event at U Idaho which will be attended by PNRRS Referee Coaches.  Course attendees are encouraged to participating in the U Idaho event to get some reffing experience, mentored by the PNRRS Referee Coaches, to jump start their reffing career.

How to register for the course

1. Being USARugby CIPP enrolled is a requirement for registration. 
2. Course participants must have completed the World Rugby “Rugby Ready” and “Law Exam” before the course.  Go to the World Rugby website and sign on for the “Passport” which will enable you to complete the “Rugby Ready” and “Law Exam” modules.        
Register for the course through the USARugby website. Gto the USARugby Home page, go to very bottom of the page, in the middle at the bottom click on “Courses”.  Register accordingly – there will 

be a $75 USARugby fee (this is a USARugby fee, PNRRS does not charge for the course).

The Course details

The course will involve some classroom work but will be largely pupil involved, on-field, practical and hands on.  Course participants should come prepared for indoor and outdoor activity – regular rugby clothing + warm up suits. Participants should bring snacks, lunches and beverages (non alcoholic) of their choice.  Once the course is completed and the educators sign off World Rugby will Issue Level 1 Certificates about 4 weeks later.


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The Pacific Northwest Rugby Referee Society recently sent an open letter to all rugby clubs in the Pacific Northwest alerting them to a critical shortage of trained referees this spring. This predicament will continue until the rugby community as a whole bands together and works proactively to support and develop our referee corps here in the Northwest. The support of all referees in this outreach effort is also needed. Please read the letter and do what you can to help us recruit more referees. For more information contact John Clavin

PNRFU Mailing Address

Pacific Northwest Rugby Football Union
19645 SE 260th St
Covington, WA  98042